Winterizing Blog Series: Outdoor Spaces

Winterizing Blog Series:  Outdoor Spaces

CartoonMeWinterizing Blog #2: Outdoor Spaces

Every year when the cooler temps arrive, I know it is time to winterize my outdoor spaces, which I dread.  Not because it is a lot of work, but because I hate to see the grass, trees, and flowers all go dormant until Spring. We can’t stop winter though, so here is a check list of things to do to winterize your outdoor space.



  • Remove lawn ornaments and container plants.
  • Rack leaves or use your mower to mulch the leaves.
  • Fall is the time to fertilize your lawn.  Fertilizing feeds the roots while it is in a dormant state.
  • Reseed any bare or damaged areas.
  • Cut flowers back to prevent damage with heavy snow.
  • Mulch flower beds – 1”-2”. (Some people use leaves to protect flowers.)
  • Prune trees and shrubs.  (Leave evergreens as they are.)
  • Mulch around trees and shrubs to protect the roots – 2”-3”.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

  • Fill the gas tank to prevent condensation and add a stabilizer.
  • Clean the deck of grass buildup.
  • Change oil.
  • Check spark plugs and filters.


  • Clear the area of all lawn/deck furniture and store the furniture in a dry place – shed, garage, etc.
  • Check the porch/deck structure – look for weak spots, nail pops, etc.
  • Check repel status of current stain/protectant. Stain or refinish as needed.


  • Check structure of fencing.  Replace any weak or damages areas. Winter often brings heavy wind and snow, will your fence hold up?


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