Tips for Selecting a Camp

Tips for Selecting a Camp

By Kirah Meade

When beginning the camp selection process, consider your child’s interests. It’s important to know a child’s personality and identify what camp programs will benefit him or her most. With a variety of programs and activities, summer camp offers fun and meaningful adventures to match a child’s interests and maturity level.
Be certain to include your child in the decision-making process. Together with your child, explore the camp options and examine the materials the camps provide. In addition, many camps have web sites that include photos, maps or virtual tours of the camp facility, sample daily schedules and menus, and information about the directors and key staff. As children become better acquainted with the camp experience and more involved in the decision-making process, they will have less anxiety about going away to camp.
Things to consider in Selecting a Camp:
Do we want a day camp or resident  camp?
What is the price?
Is the price all-inclusive or are there extra charges for: extended care (before/after camp, field trips, swimming, pictures, t-shirts, food, etc…
Does the camp offer scholarships, payment plans, etc…?
How far away are we willing to go for camp?
How long is the camp?
What is the enrollment size?
What is the daily schedule like?
Will my child have any “down” time?
Will the camp meet any special needs my child has?
What are the credentials of the camp staff?
What kind of training does the camp staff/counselors have?
Is there an open house or can we schedule a tour?
What medical forms need to be filled out prior to camp? (Most camps require a health history form and some require a physical by child’s physician.) 


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