Track N Treat App for Parents this Halloween

Track N Treat App for Parents this Halloween

Every year, the same debate – how old is old enough to Trick-or-Treat alone? Millions of parents struggle with this question while the kids protest that they’re ready. There may be no perfect age, but safety is always the top concern. My three boys are too young to want to be on their own for the time being, but I am dreading the day!


So whether you let your older child hunt for candy solo or simply join another adult for the trek, everyone can breathe easy with the Track N Treat app from Glympse.


As the leader in temporary location sharing, Glympse technology provides parents peace of mind this October 31 with the ability to (1) track your child’s movements in real time, (2) share their location with others and (3) maintain privacy by establishing how long you’ll allow access.


Here are just a few of the scenarios in which the app can help fuel this year’s festivities:


  • View your goblin’s every movement. The real-time app lets you see where your child is and how fast they’re moving. Parents can set up an easy alert to go off if their children wandered too far. You can track from your tablet or desktop as well, meaning no extra devices are needed.  Feel free to send your smartphone with the little one!
  • Make sure no ghoul is left behind. Working with your spouse or another parent, you can use Track N Treat to keep tabs on the other around the neighborhood. By glancing at the map, you’ll be able to see the location or your partner in crime (or your older children), which makes finding each other a snap at the end of the night.
  • Alert friends and family of when the fun is headed their way. Give your favorite people a way to see how close the haunting is to their doorstep. Once the kids arrive, you can stop sharing their location. Privacy is important, so the app is equipped with a built in expiration after 4 hours in case you forget.


The Track N Treat app from Glympse is free and will be available to download October 15 on both Android and iOS platforms.

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