Support for 3 Homework Struggles

Support for 3 Homework Struggles

Support for 3 Homework Struggles

Troubleshooting Tips

by Janeen Lewis

What if my child breezes through homework or is under challenged in school?

Talk to your child’s teacher about giving your child more challenging work. If your child still seems to be on Easy Street, you might consider having him or her tested for the gifted program. Finally, if the problem persists over time, ask to have your child promoted or see if he or she can take classes in areas of strength in a higher grade.



What if my child is getting too much homework?

Too much homework can be a drain on family time. And if your child is spending hours completing homework every night, they may get burnt out. Talk to other parents in your child’s class to see if they are encountering the same problem. Then approach your child’s teacher diplomatically with the problem. If the problem doesn’t get any better you might consider discussing it with the administration or the school’s Parent Teacher Association to see if a more reasonable and uniform policy can be decided for the school.

What if my child is taking too long to complete homework?

If you have a good homework routine in place, and your child is working hard but struggling, don’t panic. Sometimes kids take longer to learn some skills than others. But if the problem becomes pervasive, this could be a sign your child needs some extra help. Consider hiring a tutor or see if your school offers homework help at its after school program. If your child begins to fall behind, testing him or her might be a good course of action to rule out any learning challenges. Remember, keep an upbeat attitude. Don’t lose heart, and chances are your child won’t either.


Janeen Lewis is a freelance journalist who taught elementary school for eight years. She has a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Kentucky. When she was a teacher, she loved seeing her students get lost in books, so the homework she assigned most was independent reading.



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