A School Fundraising Idea

A School Fundraising Idea


stitch-logoSchoola is an innovative platform for school fundraising, leveraging the principles of a sharing economy. Here is how it works: Schoola runs clothing drives at your school, outgrown kids clothes are donated and shipped in postage-paid bags, Schoola sells the gently used children’s clothes on their stylish online shop, when donated items are purchased and get a second life – Schoola gives your school 40% of the proceeds! Schoola is also a great place to shop for nearly-new kids clothes at incredible values. Schoola offers quality clothing at up to 70% off retail with proceeds benefiting school programs. Find your school’s fundraising page, track donations made, then see where your items were purchased from in the U.S. and see how much has been earned for your school. DONATE NOW. SHOP NOW. www.schoola.com


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