The average age of a first time cell phone owner is six years old, with 53% of American children owning a cell phone by the time their seventh birthday arrives.

A survey conducted by Vouchercloud asked parents with children between 11 and 16 years old what kind of technology/devices their children own:


Cell Phone 96%

Own TV / Sound system 83%

Tablet 75%

Handheld games console e.g. Nintendo DS 71%

eBook Reader 65%

Game console (Xbox, Playstation, etc…) 51%


Vouchercloud also asked how much money had been spent on their child’s collection. The average anwser was $462.00 per child.

Parents were asked what made them decide to get their child their first cell phone. 31% said for security reasons, 25% said to keep in touch with friends and family, 20% said so their child could keep up with friends at school.

74% of parents surveyed confessed that they felt concerned about risks and dangers of digital independence when purchasing a cell phone for their young child. 46% of those concerned installed parental filters and monitors prior to giving their child the device in order to keep a watchful eye on their usage.


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