Donate Unused Halloween Costumes

Donate Unused Halloween Costumes

Photo by The Halloween Helpers

“The Halloween Helpers” Collects Gently-Used Halloween Costumes to Benefit Children in Need – Starting November 1.


“The Halloween Helpers” is a non-profit organization which was started by community-minded 18-year-old, Emma Rose Shapiro. Now in its seventh year, “The Halloween Helpers” starts collecting previously-enjoyed costumes for the following year starting on November 1.  

“It’s the perfect day to start collecting costumes – before they go up to the dusty attic or down to the moldy basement,” says Shapiro.

Shapiro started the non-profit organization when she was 11 years old,  and has collected and distributed more than 5,400 costumes to organizations nationwide.

“My goal is to get help from children who outgrow or are bored with their old costumes, and share them with kids who would not usually receive them,” says Shapiro.


For more information on The Halloween Helpers, please visit or call (610) 642-7427.


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