Back-to-School oftentimes means crazy days for both parents and kids, but can also be a fun time for everyone… especially with parent and kid friendly suggestions from BubbleBum, Prince Lionheart, BooginHead, CookieCutterKingdom and MyBuckleMate.


BubbleBum makes car rides more comfortable for the precious cargo busy moms and dads chauffeur around from school and activities, and is a trusted brand by parents everywhere. Their award-winning products exceed safety standards in the in the US and make on the go families lives more convenient.

The first-of-its-kind BubbleBum is the award-winning portable, lightweight, brightly colored, inflatable booster seat for kids ages 4-11. It easily deflates and folds flat so that kids or parents can carry it in backpacks or handbags, making it perfect for vacations, rental cars, taxis, buses, school trips or carpooling. BubbleBum’s mission is to make sure EVERY child rides on a booster seat on EVERY journey, short or long.

BubbleBum was founded by Safekids USA Certified CPST Grainne Kelly from Northern Ireland. Kelly believes that every child deserves to be protected and safe while parents should be able to do just that with convenience and ease.

With busy families in mind, they created the Junkie all in one in-car organizer and activity station for kids turning backseat boredom into a thing of the past. This expandable organizer harnesses safely into the backseat to store activities, snacks and drinks conveniently between two kids. The innovative tech viewer allows kids to watch movies or their favorite shows on their tablet together in a safe secure manner while on the road.

The Sneck pillow system is a travel pillow the converts into multiple uses. It’s innovative design makes napping in the car after a long day or early in the morning more comfortable with micro-bead pods and cozy material allowing kids to nap without getting a kinky neck. It is perfect for car rides, plane trips or journey by bus. The Sneck easily attaches to the headrest with a Velcro strap keeping it in place without having to reposition the pillow. It also features a stash pocket for storing MP3 players or small toys. The three way design allows kids to manipulate the position for optimal comfort.

BubbleBum products are sold online via their website and are now conveniently available at all of your favorite retailers including Walmart and Target.

0560.a2Prince Lionheart

With products from the folks at Prince Lionheart, your seats will stay protected, your vehicle will stay organized and you can keep a clear eye on your little one while shuttling kids around to-and-from school and activities. We suggest (pictured left-to-right, top-to-bottom) the seatSAVER ($18), the 2 Stage seatSAVER ($25, available in three colors), the Backseat Mirror ($17), the Travel Organizer ($25), the Backseat kickMAT ($17, available in two colors), and the backseat ORGANIZER ($25, available in two colors).


BooginHead offers easy-to-use and reuseable solutions for packing school lunches and after school pre or post sport snacks. Try the Pack’Ems ($7.99 for a set of two sizes) that stand on their own and are both easy to open and close with Velcro brand PRESS-LOK. For pureed food, yogurt or apple sauce, try the Screw Top Squeez’Ems ($7.99), they are freezer and microwave safe.


A great way to get the kids into the school spirit! Celebrate back-to-school in sweet fashion with delicious cookies in the shape of their favorite activities from CookieCutterKingdom! Available activities include Cheerleading ($4), Choir or Band with the Eighth Note ($4), Basketball ($7.99), Football ($7.99), Hockey ($4), Soccer ($7.99), Chess ($18 for 3-piece set), Math with the Division or Pi symbols ($4), and Ballet with the Ballerina ($4). (Pictured left-to-right, top-to-bottom)


Birthday parties will also be back in full swing with school back in session. Celebrate another year older with Balloon, Birthday Hat, Cupcake and Present cookie cutters. All are $4. (Pictured left-to-right, top-to-bottom)


Make shutting kids around and driving the car pool easy by just saying no to floppy, hard-to-buckle seat belts. Mom-invented MyBuckleMate makes it easy for parents to buckle up precious cargo in the backseat with one hand (just like you do in the driver’s seat). MyBuckleMate’s goal is to make sure every child learns to buckle independently so they are safe passengers no matter whose car they are in.

Designed for kids in booster seats, MyBuckleMate is perfect for your hands or little hands wanting to be independent in the car. It fits in tight spaces and between booster seats, and also fits securely allowing seats to be folded down without removing it and without altering the buckle in any way. MyBuckleMate is perfect for carpooling and accommodating three kids in the backseat. Flopped over, recessed seatbelts are a thing of the past with MyBuckleMate.

MyBuckleMate not only offers ease of buckling but also provides an important safety measure allowing kids to buckle and unbuckle themselves, which is an important feature in the event of an accident. The easier buckling in is, the more apt they are to do it themselves, teaching them independence and saving you a hassle. Getting kids into the habit of buckling and unbuckling early means they develop this skill early on which will last a lifetime.

MyBuckleMate is the only product of its kind on the market today. It is mom-invented, family-owned and proudly made in the USA. It’s available in black, grey, tan, beige, and now red, for $14.

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