Back to School Roundup

Back to School Roundup

The back to school rush has begun, and many families are looking for the best in school gear. Check out these back to school items.

Road_Trip_Two-shotZoomKIT is a modular table-top system that works like a tray, allowing for easy transport of art supplies, food, and other school related items.

BuddyTagsBuddyTag, the only wearable tracking device that also contains a water safety feature, can help add an additional layer of security for your little ones during transitions such as traveling to and from school, or at after-school activities.

Astute Hoot Chunking Chipmunk Slide & LearnsAstute Hoot is a new teacher-developed supplemental program that uses a line of fun characters, like Hazel Hoot the green screech owl, to keep kids engaged and make learning fun. Astute Hoot has a wide variety of tools available to help students that may need a little extra assistance with reading and mathematics.

Bumkins reusable snack bags help cut down on the waste of plastic ziploc baggies. Available in a variety of fun prints, from DC Comics, to Dr. Seuss, to Disney, the bags are made of an easy wipe, waterproof fabric.

Basic CMYKDormCo, the leader in college dorm essentials, offers everything college bound students need for a comfortable and enjoyable dorm life – from chic bedding to rugs, furniture, cookware, security gear, and storage solutions to make the most of precious space.

Godors eliminates odor quickly and effectively. Perfect for after P.E. or for stinky gym bags. The revolutionary spray kills 99.9% of bacteria and 46% of fungi in less than five minutes, effectively eliminating the root of bad odors instead of just masking it.

brooke_coral_journal_with_ribbon_grandeMary Square offers cute agendas and journals to help stay organized in style. Desk calendars and notepads are also available, ready to catch important dates and notes for school. With a wide range of designs, all four are a great addition to any school supply list.

15GermBloc Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer is a safe and portable way to prevent the spread of germs for kids as they head back to school! The travel friendly carabiner bottles easily hang from backpacks and protects little hands for hours from germs and bacteria without harmful, adverse effects of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

photo_safetylinksSafetyTat is a unique and durable temporary tattoo that shows the parent or guardian’s phone number in case the child gets lost. This safety precaution is perfect for school field trips, after-school activities, and other school functions. Anywhere Labels provide the same function, but for items such as waterbottles, toys, clothing, and more! Also, tattoos specifically for allergies are also available!

20150503_084923_resizedDebbie Lynn, Inc. is a renowned stationery brand with a versatile line that includes long-lasting pens, colorful markers, trendy stationary, and sleek office supplies. The brand also carries arts and crafts supplies as well as novelties, so it can fit any need for any class.

1myveryownname_2267_64888482.jpgISeeMe offers fun personalized lunch boxes that come in a variety of designs for kids. The adorable name stickers are perfect to keep track of belongings too. I See Me is also the leader in personalized books allowing children to star in unique, inspiring, and playful reads. (think Pinterest organized for parents with various ages and variety of children) has put together collections for all school ages, grouped into nice bundles for parent’s easy use.



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