Present-Buying Politics in the Average American Household

Present-Buying Politics in the Average American Household

A survey by a leading coupon brand has revealed that Moms are the principle present buyer for children, with Dads taking a back seat when it comes to purchasing gifts for their kids.

42% of Dads Leave All
Children’s Present Buying
to Moms.

According to, respondents were asked about their gift-buying split, specifically ‘who does the shopping for your children’s Christmas and birthday gifts?’ Almost three quarters of respondents (68%) claimed that the Mom did the gift shopping on her own, whilst a minimal amount of respondents (11%) revealed that the Dad did the gift shopping by himself. The remaining 21% of parents claimed that they did their gift shopping together.

Respondents were asked to reveal the reason why mothers gift-shopped on their own, with the top 5 most popular reasons revealed as:
  • Mom prefers to shop on her own – 69%
  • Dad is not trusted to buy the right thing – 63%
  • Dad doesn’t know what the kids like – 51%
  • Dad constantly moans whilst shopping – 46%
  • Dad is too stingy whilst shopping – 32%

A majority of respondents (42%) claimed that Dads had never bought their children a birthday or Christmas present. Only 8% of Dads regularly buy their children presents on their own.

The respondents were then asked to disclose their preferred shopping method when buying gifts for the kids. A majority of Moms (78%) revealed that they prefer to shop in-person, with only 22% of respondents favoring online shopping. Male respondent’s revealed that their shopping methods contrast, with a majority of 84% favoring online shopping, with only 16% of respondents favoring to shop in person.

Matthew Wood of states “These findings reveal the present-buying politics that take place in the average American household, agree with the traditional preconceptions that shopping is done by women, with 68% of respondents revealing that Mom does the present shopping by herself!”
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