by Belinda Mooney


Planning your baby’s nursery is the fun part of having a baby. It’s a necessary job that you can have fun with and express your own style and creativity. But you will want to make sure you have the essentials in your nursery. Here is a list of suggestions to get you started on planning your nursery.


The Room.

Choose a room closest to your own, so you can hear the baby easily. Consider the layout of the room, avoid placing the crib next to a window, blinds, and cords. Decide on a theme and coordinate decorations, bedding, and furniture.

The Crib.

Choose a style of bed that reflects your theme and taste. Shop several different stores and check out sales. Remember to buy only what you can afford. Children’s consignment shops, yard sales, and thrifts stores are great places to look for baby furniture. Make sure it meets today’s safety standards. Older painted beds may contain lead and may have slats that are too wide for safety.

The Dresser.

A dresser is another baby nursery essential. Choose a good and sturdy dresser to allow for years of use. Many times you can find matching pieces that go with your baby bed. If you are shopping second hand furniture stores you can always refinish or paint the dresser and baby bed to match. Nice, deep drawers are a must in a dresser.

The Changing Table.

While you can use the baby bed as a changing area, a changing table is very nice if you have the room for it. Changing tables usually come with storage areas underneath where you can place diapers, sheets, or baby clothes. The changing table also has rails to prevent younger babies from rolling off. Your dresser, if it is low enough, can also do double duty as a changing table.

The Rocking Chair.

A rocking chair is just the thing for late night feedings or rocking your little one to sleep. They are a life saver when trying to calm a cranky or colicky baby. If you can’t fit one in the nursery try to find a quiet corner in your house, close to the baby’s room, where you can set one.

Diaper Stacker.

Diaper stackers are a handy esstentials that hang on your wall to keep the diapers stacked up neatly. They have a split opening down the front allowing for easy access. They allow you do be able to reach your diapers quickly but keep them out of the way.

Baby Supply Center.

It can be on your dresser or near your baby or changing table. You can use a colorful plastic basket, a line wicker basket, or even a bright bucket that goes with your theme. Place all the baby’ supplies – diaper cream, baby wipes, baby powder, and baby oil in this basket.

Soothing Nursery Essentials.

A nightlight lets you come into the nursery without turning on the overhead light and waking baby. Soft music is very soothing and can help your baby relax.

Getting your baby nursery ready for your new little one can be lots of fun. But don’t get so caught up in the fun of decorating you forget the essentials. Make sure you have the essentials in place before you bring your baby home. It will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your baby.


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