An App to Promote Quality Family Time

An App to Promote Quality Family Time

My Gnome on the Roam Launches Educational App

to Provide 15 Minute Adventures for Busy Families

NASHVILLE, TN  Oct. 1, 2015 — Anne Armstrong, Founder, My Gnome on the Roam educational toys and experiences, launches “Time to Roam,” an educational and family adventure app for parents and children during National Field Trip month.


The “Time to Roam” app offers daily tools and inspirational prompts for building quality family time and adventure into busy days. For a field trip adventure, try discovering the world with Wanderlust Wednesday suggestions such as; taking a new route home, going on a virtual online field trip or eating at a restaurant with food from another culture.


“As a working mom, I wanted to create more meaningful, creative experiences with my son but struggled with what many families do these days … not enough time. Tired of feeling guilty, I needed a reasonable solution so I created an app that provides both education and family fun in 15 minutes a day,” explained middle school teacher to gifted students Anne Armstrong.


According to the first large-scale longitudinal study of parent time published in the 2015 Journal of Family and Marriage, the amount of time parents spend with their children between the ages of 3-11 has virtually no relationship to how children turn out.  Quality of time trumps quantity of time.


Features Include:


  • A daily invitation and prompt to explore, create, contribute and connect
    • Make It Monday, Tell Me Tuesday, Wanderlust Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Freaky Friday, Saturday Dazzle Day, Soul Food Sunday
  • Tools and inspiration to create genuine moments of family engagement
    • Crafts, recipes, in-person games, conversation starters, neighborhood adventures, random acts of kindness
  • In-app journal to take notes and save ideas


Benefits Include:


  • Create new neural brain pathways in children and adults
  • Strengthen a child’s creativity and a sense of adventure while building self esteem
  • Establish deeper family connections


By inspiring a love of reading, writing and exploration, My Gnome on the Roam hopes to help children find their voice while creating genuine moments of family engagement and making the world a better place, one memory at a time.

The App is free to download and available on all mobile devices through Apple App Store, and  Google Play.


About Anne Armstrong, Founder, My Gnome on the Roam

Anne Armstrong is the Founder of My Gnome on the Roam educational toys which inspire a love of reading, writing and adventure for kids, families, students and educators across the globe.

After 20 years as a teacher of gifted middle school students, Anne took on the role of mom entrepreneur to share her formula of building deeper family connections in as little as 30 minutes a week.

A published best-selling children’s author of thebook “My Gnome on the Roam,” she strives to live by the phrase ‘Make Your Life a Book Worth Reading’ coined by her students who refer to her as the Field Trip Queen.

She holds a Master’s and Educational Specialist degree in gifted education and has been featured on NPR and Huffington Post.


About the Company – My Gnome on the Roam

My Gnome on the Roam is a premium brand of educational toys and experiences for boys and girls ages 3-10 years old.  My Gnome on the Roams’ goal is build creative family adventures in as little as 30 minutes a week. A 2015 start-up out of Nashville, TN, the Founder Anne Armstrong is a former gifted public middle school teacher of 20 years.

The company’s products include the best-selling published children’s book ‘My Gnome on the Roam’ available through, the ‘Time to Roam’ app with daily inspiration and activities in under 15 minutes a day available in all app stores and educational toys including their signature gnome Gustav that kids artistcally design, a story book, a high quality journal to write about their adventures and a suitcase or backpack available for $49.97 through pre-order at






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